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Alternative forum skin?

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Hi team,

Would it be possible to install an alternative forum skin/template with a colour scheme and font which is a bit easier on the eye for us oldies?  I have to squint to read the text, and I can tell you that that ain't a good look.

The current colour scheme IMHO isn't reader friendly.  I've seen a few forums which have an option to choose your preferred skin from a drop down menu on the front page.

Any chance of adding an option to choose skins?
What does everyone think?

It's not something I've looked at much. It needs someone like kops, with skill in this sort of thing. I can do 'functional', but not pretty

I suspect you know but if you hold down ctrl and spin the mouse wheel you can move the page size larger (can also do from browser menu itself)

I have it set to 120% on here so it's easier to read

Thanks guys.  It's not so much the font size which is causing issues, rather the red text on a dark background...It burns my retinas!

I have however managed to get around this problem by pressing Ctrl-A & Ctrl-C on forum topics I would like to read, opening a notepad, then Ctrl-V the lot into the page.  The resulting black text on a white background make reading posts a more enjoyable experience, albeit a  lengthy workaround. :)

Run a search for accessibility plugins for your browser.  You'll find several that will do things such as invert the screen colours, up the contrast etc etc.


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