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I have an issue when trying to watch demos. UT tells me I am missing sound files like AnnouncerClassic and UTPlusSounds.
I managed to find the old files as uz2. I decompressed them and placed the .uax files in the Sounds folder, however still get the error message. Has anyone experienced this as well or have any idea how to fix?

Eternal thawing to whoever fixes this for me :D <3

Have you tried to put the other utplus files in your folders too?
Can you make a screen shot?


Here is a screenshot of the AnnoucerClassic.uax error message + a ss of it in my folder.

Will try adding the rest of the UTplus files :)

You have just that view files in your sound folder? I have 148 there. =D
You also need AntiTcc2009r2 .. get it from there

Try putting antitcc, too. May upload the demo and someone can try if it's not working, than share files. I would do, but can't before next saturday as I will not be on my main pc the week.

P.S.: OffTopic: in the video I posted in the shoutbox, I spectated you the last round. Nice gameplay.

Thanks a lot.
Good idea of testing the demo on a different machine. If I can get the announcerclassic file then I can view 99% of my demos. Here is one of the demos I cannot view due to this missing file

Nice with the spec :)


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