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French Racist Players using racist or affiliated Nicknames on miasma servers

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Hello guys, its because i read french i could come across some nicks that are pure racist-anti jews nicknames, playing on Miasma servers

orduresYoutres is the first nickname : Jews=trash is the literal translation, but using words that only anti jews use, can not translate better.
la_quenelle is the second nickname : it is related to a guy(actor, humorist...) who turned out to be racist against jews, and is related now to a group of people(extreme right) who denies the existence of concentration camps during 2ndWW

These guys nicks are post-fixed with FR, so they are located in France, and using such nicks i suspect they are french
I never saw these guys before, so they are quite new on miasma: i stopped playing regularly 2 month ago.  Seeing this just smelled so bad on servers i came to really like.

I felt I had to bring the subject, so you guys can decide what to do next, now that you know (i would myself get their IPs and filter out on it in order to ban them, but its just me)

Peace, Joe

Thanks Joe. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We have absolutely no tolerance for any form of hate/racism etc. 

Player 1 is banned.

Player 2 is NanoC/[ST2]Tenebre....he should know better. I'll deal with that another way.

Thanks Piglet for taking swift action.

hmm the amount of times rounin did the exact same thing and got away with it..infuriating


--- Quote from: Arbok on August 13, 2021, 23:22 ---hmm the amount of times rounin did the exact same thing and got away with it..infuriating

--- End quote ---

Since March these are the names he's used:


What's the problem?


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