Getting a CD key for UT2004 purchased from GOG  (Read 316 times)


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Getting a CD key for UT2004 purchased from GOG
« on: June 11, 2022, 15:49 »
Hi, I was asked to make a post on how to get a legitimate (no warez) CD key for UT2004 purchased from
So all you have to do is click the "here" link at
and answer the chatbot's questions. You'll then receive two .reg files (for 32 and 64 bit OS) in your inbox. These will overwrite the CD key in your registry.
Here is a sample chat log:

Code: [Select]
06:47:28 (Chatbot): Hi, I'm your virtual chat assistant 🤖
06:47:30 (Chatbot): I'm here to help resolve your inquiry as fast as possible, and if for some reason I'm not able to -- I'll make sure to pass on your request to our friendly Support Staff. 💪
06:47:35 (Chatbot): For starters, please choose one of the topics below or write the general subject of your inquiry below - we'll get to the details further on 👾
06:50:33 (User): multiplayer key request
06:50:38 (Chatbot): If the game requires a special key for multiplayer, the notice is always included on the product page under the game requirements.
06:50:42 (Chatbot): Image sent.
06:50:43 (Chatbot): There is also an instruction how to obtain it. Most multiplayer keys are available in your:
06:50:46 (Chatbot): That said, some need to be sent by our Support staff.
06:50:47 (Chatbot): If your multiplayer key needs to be sent by Support, please click the "Contact Support" button below to send a key request or select another option that refers to your problem.
06:53:47 (User): Contact Support
06:53:48 (Chatbot): Please provide us the e-mail address currently connected to your GOG account.
06:54:42 (User): <my strictly confidential GOG e-mail address>
06:54:43 (Chatbot): Thanks! Now, please provide us your username.
06:55:01 (User): <my strictly confidential GOG username>
06:55:02 (Chatbot): Finally, please submit the title of the game for which you'd like to receive a multiplayer code.
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Re: Getting a CD key for UT2004 purchased from GOG
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2022, 21:31 »
This is really helpful. Thanks. We've been considering banning the GoG key, and your post confirms how to get legitimate key to replace it with.