fluf, chat and request to use English chat  (Read 8185 times)


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fluf, chat and request to use English chat
« on: March 02, 2023, 16:39 »
For context about fluf a couple of days ago.

English in-game chat removed, but otherwise the chat log in order of it being typed

..Non-English chat...followed by:

20:03 <Piglet (UK) > English please
20:04 <Blub (DE) > ABER FERKELCHEN
20:04 <{fa2k}EAGLE (DE) > ja aber die haben gesagt, strom sparen
20:04 <DVWKXNS (BE) > zeer irritant
20:05 <Blub (DE) > warum, dawk?
20:05 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > zeer irritant
20:05 <{fa2k}EAGLE (DE) > fritten dauen bischen auf der heizung lol
20:05 <{fa2k}EAGLE (DE) > dauern*
20:05 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > zeer irritant
20:05 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > nit gut
20:09 <Blub (DE) > wieder fischstäbchen?
20:09 <{fa2k}EAGLE (DE) > nah was er sagte
20:09 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > et alllleeeeeeeeeeeeez le dutch
20:09 <12_years_old (DE) > passiert
20:09 <Blub (DE) > mein beileid
20:09 <{fa2k}EAGLE (DE) > mein beileid
20:09 <12_years_old (DE) > yodanke

20:10 <Piglet (UK) > server rules. English please
20:10 <{fa2k}EAGLE (DE) > seid mal nicht so pecherprobt, wa 12
20:10 <12_years_old (DE) > da kann ich mitreden

20:11 <Piglet (UK) > server rules. English please
20:11 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > et alllleeeeeeeeeeeeez le dutch
20:12 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > et alllleeeeeeeeeeeeez le german
20:12 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > et alllleeeeeeeeeeeeez le blub

20:13 <Piglet (UK) > server rules. English please
20:13 <Piglet (UK) > server rules. English please
20:13 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > et alllleeeeeeeeeeeeez le blub
20:13 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > et alllleeeeeeeeeeeeez le german
20:13 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > et alllleeeeeeeeeeeeez le dutch

(fluf kicked, map change, fluf back)

20:24 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > yo again can i have an explain aboy my liked ?
20:24 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > kiked
20:24 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > can i understand why ?
20:25 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > i respect rule evert vody speak german and dutch and i am teh french kikde
20:26 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > so was a free kiked ?
20:27 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > again like mute and herceling from somle admin ? [filtered]
20:27 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > wanna learn

20:27 <Piglet (UK) > yes. follow the rules fluf

20:27 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > i fuking did

20:27 <Piglet (UK) > every time you join it tells you to use English
20:27 <Piglet (UK) > and you don;t
20:27 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > i did
20:28 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > i only speak english
20:28 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > so what the real reason ?
20:28 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > on u noticed my jokke et  alller german
20:28 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > mean ohh why all spek german was a joke
20:28 <Piglet (UK) > just so you know, French is NOT english
20:29 <Piglet (UK) > clear now?
20:29 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > so i dinnt spoke french but i noticed i was kikd again for no, reason
20:29 <[1]f........fluf (FR) > u fuking now pig i respect the rule

(fluf got 24 hours to cool off)


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Re: fluf, chat and request to use English chat
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2023, 19:22 »
Eek, didn't realise that was the rules, sorry piglet, I occasionally use Cornish.

From an admin perspective, the servers are easier to monitor if you have a language that you are fluent in. I would surmise that the main reason for the rule English language only is that if someone is bullying, harassing or being mean to another player, admins can't tell if it's in a language we don't understand.
I for one am all for the primary principles of Mia like Titan, a fun friendly server for all humans  8) ;D You will very rarely find me even swear (old server rules, slightly stricter than Mia)  8) ;D

I haven't been on for a while, but I've seen a lot of non English chat in the past year or so. If you chat in the spec team channel that should be alright as long as you keep it friendly.