Freon - balance, bio-camping, classic maps - others (discuss)  (Read 7858 times)


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I'm not sure I agree. What was the skill in insta-killing players with bio as they thawed with no adverse consequences? Where was the fun in having it done to you? Where was the gameplay advantage of leaving this like it was?

The only change is that you have to be a bit careful otherwise other players grouped with the one you insta-kill might thaw a bit faster (15% of the damage is converted to health). If you don't want it, don't group them. You can always move them apart. There are benefits in that....

People said the same sort of thing about RFF (reverse friendly fire) where if you spam into teammates you get some damage. It's effectively the same thing.

I thought there was a 3 second shield when thawed if not next to a frozen team-mate? I totally agree with that bio camping is annoying, but then if you fire some rox spam from a long way off into frozen enemies, isn't that kind of the same thing? It probably won't kill you though, unless you are on low health.

Aye not a major bonus but a boost :) I'm not sure how I've not noticed this before :))

Haha, the RFF; makes it more tactical and the user has to be more precise  8)

Aye, changes are cool, not sure I've fully registered them yet. At least ya got the bug for killing frozen players sorted - that was mad!
Props to MiA community  8)