CPU Usage Logs. Is anyone here good with stats & analysis?  (Read 8651 times)


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Hi All,

I've had logging running for a while to get some figures to give baseline figures about how well our Ryzen 5600X copes with our player-count.

The logging kicks in as soon as there are 18+ players on the server, till the end of the map.

The aim is to understand the current usage, then compare to some further testing with a Ryzen 5800x3D which has significantly more cache and may perform better.

Is anyone here good with analysis of data to see what information can be usefully pulled out of this?



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If I remember you can do mean, median, standard deviation and mode. More than this, the doctorate level deals with N-annova /Annova etc which probably involves factor analysis and making equations about what factors affects the variable in question  :P

So, make a list of parameters u want to optimize and study. All of which can be linked to performance and has to be possible to alter to check effect. The software R if I remember is what the PHD guys used to use.

On a serious note, AI can do wonders about this ;)


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Sort of, just mainly want to contrast the high cpu usage with the player and spec count against the low cpu usage player and spec count. Some sort of graph to compare the two sets of stats (from each cpu). That's the data I would assume would be most relevant in a comparison.


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Best I could do with LibreOffice: