BOBI-BOBA(UA) (DE) publishes xenophobic and racist content  (Read 5542 times)


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Despite asking to check the chat logs (via Discord), Bobbi continues to insult me, my country and its people - I will no longer tolerate it. Will the administration respond to this in any way?


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Sorry dude, not an admin, but there should be no place for racism on the servers.
Depending on the severity of the racism I suggest a ban for a week or three :)
"Be nice or be gone" :D


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Why are people after poor plaka. He only takes your manta and raptors but you can see how good he is than most nabs when he is on discord. Stop biting his behind pls :) A good player often attracts scorn when doing unconventional things but greater players find a way out. Enjoy


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He looks like a friendly fellow. :D


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This was dealt with  - before you posted, I believe.

Please let me know if you see any further issues.