anti tcc,anti cheat anti whatever u desire  (Read 250 times)


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anti tcc,anti cheat anti whatever u desire
« on: June 20, 2021, 11:55 »
sorry in advanced to a few admins about what iam gonna say right now.

something smells fishy when some admins are completly ignoring the idea of activating those anti cheat modes on server from time 2 time,reasons: it will lag the server + no they are not using cheats..
from earlier experience whenever that underrated thing so called "anti cheat,anti tcc" was activated,surprisingly a few players caught and got perm ban.

i cant seem to find the problem 2 do so,we all want a clean game experience without anyone using those.
but "no one seems to give a flying **** about this.

first encounter was with a player named: "filipUTzone" (total noob) ,map was veniis and this guy used aimbot for the whole 20 min in game,guess what? no one gave the " flying ****  " thing. (me and another player complained about it during game, admins has a log so they saw it 100%)

i understand that this game is on he's "death bed" sort of..but come on,something is not right about the decision's of some admins here.
i wonder what is happening under the "surface"of things here,cuz if u wanna get clean and nice working community,those modes are just essential as maintaining the server activated.

i got one player that is the worst of all ,i wont share he's name here i bet u all know who it is(wallhack+skinhack).
but its just me u know,so who give's the "flying ****" thingy.

but go on do as u pleased,that is my last post on that matter.


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Re: anti tcc,anti cheat anti whatever u desire
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2021, 14:37 »
Have you solution to the problem?

Nobody emailed me at the time. Nobody reported it on the forum at the time.

We don't know "who it is" and you've not provided any video of either "filipUTzone" or "i wont share he's name here" for us to see the problem.

Be part of the resolution of any problem.