Cheaters on Miasma  (Read 462 times)


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Cheaters on Miasma
« on: October 26, 2019, 15:39 »
Hello, as I announced, I decided to write a little bit from my site about cheaters on our server. I will try to write in an objective way, I also count on a mature discussion on your part. At the beginning it should be mentioned that the server has no any security. The last one asked one of the admins why it was so, he wrote back to me that it once was, but it generated lag, so it was removed, that opening the gate for cheaters who - let's face it - are actively using cheats and don't do anything about it.

How to know who is cheating? Just look using spectator mode from first person. I am primarily guided by the weapon that cheater use most often: Shock rifle, Ligtning gun and Sniper rifle. Why? Because these weapons have no delay when fired, you can easily set a simple bot that directs and shoots us automatically. Another interesting issue is that I have already been banned three times for writing on chat that  someone using cheats. Soon you will write to me that maybe is just good and I am weak, and I only complain because I lose. I know this is a relatively old game, and I should be glad that the server exists at all, but I feel uncomfortable with people who cheating all the time. Some of you probably care about it, but in the future you will see for yourself that I wrote the truth here.

What do I suggest? Turn on the cheaters detector, If it generates lag, create one that does not generate them. I have heard that a better engine is needed - I am able to deposit a large sum if it is to help in the fight against cheaters. Finally, I would like to say sorry for my knowledge of English, I still lerning it but it’s sometimes hard, you know how it is.

PS: I’m waiting on the enemy rooof with Raptor!
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Re: Cheaters on Miasma
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2019, 16:15 »
OK, firstly there isn't a "cheaters detector" which can be turned on.

The best of what there is is antitcc, but in years of using it I've only seen it catch one player.  We do currently have it on one of the servers. I don't think it's ever spotted a problem player.

The only sensible way is to:

1. record date and time, player name, and GUID of the problem player
2. spectate and record the player at the highest quality you can.

Where we get reports with good quality video to back them up we watch them in slowmo and frame by frame if needed.

If we see botting, we ban the player. Forever. If not then we don't.

we've had some good reports recently and some bad ones


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Re: Cheaters on Miasma
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2019, 22:19 »
Weapon choice is not a good indication of botting. You named 3 of my fav weapons, plus link for Goliath and HellBender killing. I am not a ‘spam fan’. Accuracy and ‘snap’ to next victim are much better indications, but still not absolute.
Years ago I was in a clan and 90% of the players were positive another player was botting. Found out he lived close to me so I took up his offer to physically observe. All he had was an absolutely perfect gaming setup. Zero hax.
Some people have great aim and great ping and/or hardware. For instance, this guy had high-end hardware, minimal Windows services running, practically a 50 button mouse, low settings on all UT graphics options and a tuned, direct cabled router shared with no one else. He had spawn points at the various maps memorized along with planned angles of fire depending on his location. Put him in a HellBender and he could own a hotter.
To be honest he was a little scary in his commitment to excel in a frigging game.
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Re: Cheaters on Miasma
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2019, 12:01 »
On good days I can reach >40% on primary shock at match end (not assault) and I don't consider myself to be the best player as I kinda have to battle aging and concentration issues.

Judging just by hitscan weapon usage is not reliable at all.

And I must admit that I was suspecting other people of cheating when they had my current aim or better. What changed my mind was the switch to a 144hz monitor. Aiming is so much easier now and my average shock hitratio went from 20% to 30%, I'd say. I see now how stupid it was of me to think that someone with >30% shock is probably a cheater.