Tutorial Karma - LawDogsKActor  (Read 1985 times)


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Tutorial Karma - LawDogsKActor
« on: November 17, 2011, 03:18 »
For V3 beta ONLY.  Raj can you please make this a sticky.  I'm hoping the results will be positive!

This tutorial is about stuff you can kick around your map.  Stuff that zombies can kick around the map
It's called Karma.  Lots of it in KF-Offices, but at the moment it's mostly a nuisance.

This new code from Wiki, and from LawDogs works a whole lot better.

Mappers, give it a try and please tell us the results.

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lcj0bjnkd70ommr   = GoodKarma.u
in your V3  KFMod20\system\ rename current GoodKarma.u to something else in case this doesn't work for you!!  - if it works ok, delete the old GoodKarma.u, and use the new GoodKarma.u)

After you replaced GoodKarma.u with the new copy, open your editor:
Find LawDogsKActor, in Actors > KActor > LawDogsKActor

Right click, place it in a map.  lawDogs Default Object is a barrel.
If you want to test the lawDogs barrel first:
1/ Save your map with the lawDogs barrel, and don't forget to put a light in the map, 1 playerStart, and REbuild...
2/ Start a V3 game, and choose your LawDogs map - choose: Dedicated Server - V3 will minimize. So that means you have to start another V3, and join online game > LAN.
3/ Your server should be listed, join it to test the LawDogsKActor barrel.

[by testing it in Dedicated you will be able to see how your lawDogs Karma map objects work on the KF Game Server]

Next, after testing the Default LawDogs Barrel, pushing it around in your map, you can customize - have your object instead of the default UT barrel:

Open the editor again with the lawDogs barrel.
Open the Static Mesh Browser:

Choosing another object to replace the barrel:
for example, from KillingFloorLabStatics: LabLocker.  But!  The object you choose must have Karma collison.  At the top of the StaticMesh Browser tick, > Show Collsion > Show Karma Primitives .  [lab locker is a good example, because it is centred, and correct size: needs no scaling.  But obviously anything with collision and karma should be ok to use.  EG Labs_Tube has no karma collsion]

After you choose your object to replace the Default barrel:
Double click the barrel.
Open: Display > StaticMesh and click USE   -the new object you chose should replace the default barrel.

Changing the default sizes and weights:
[Karma is an attempt to recreate real physics, so you need to change defaults - if your object is heavier or lighter, bigger or smaller than the default barrel]

Double click the lawDogs Barrel > Karma > KarmaParams myLevel.KarmaParams0 >KarmaParams  AND  > KarmaParamsCollision
These are configurable to the size and weight of your object.  Making your object work as you want may take a little adjusting.  Test that in-game [on your Dedicated LAN server] pushing the object / shooting ... and watching the zombies push it.

The KarmaParms & KarmaParamsCollision are reasonably self explanatory... I have a rough idea of what these settings do.
For exampe:  the Default barrel is a certain size, so if you have a smaller object, then for example KMass default will be reduced, say for a chair: 0.3  A cardboard box, probably 0.1 ... probably...
*I had a problem with a small object, the testtube rack.  There is a log report live after you exit Dedicated game and your Dedicated LAN server is still running.  If some object you customized causes problems with log spam, check your settings.  If it still causes problems with log spam, then use another object, or delete that object from your map.

The Karma reference Options guide by UT http://udn.epicgames.com/Two/KarmaReference.html

But some notes from me:

With the LawDogsKActor Properties open, Open Karma > KParams > KarmaParams myLevel.KarmaParams0
bDestroyOnWorldPentrate   True
bDoSafeTime                        True
*On a dedicated server I had some bad log spam about Karma 'falling out of world' so I think these should be set to true.
after that, b options, leave Default
*also log spam problems with bKdoubleTickRate=True so I leave default =false.
Unless you understand the other b options, leave them Default.

KStartEnabled=True -must be TRUE or it won't work at all.

Check that UDN page for precise descriptions.

Reminder to use the barrel settings as a rough estimate compared to the size and weight of your custom object.

Hope you have success and fun with your custom objects!
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Re: Tutorial Karma - LawDogsKActor
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 08:59 »
Ok, i think now is time to play football with zeds!


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Re: Tutorial Karma - LawDogsKActor
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2011, 12:31 »
Isn't this the same thing we have right now


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Re: Tutorial Karma - LawDogsKActor
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2011, 19:58 »
Isn't this the same thing we have right now

The old code has a fatal flaw: it doesn't update properly, client to server.  The new code is a fix that updates .5 secs client to server.