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Server rules
« on: March 07, 2014, 21:07 »
1. No harrassments, such as...
  • teamkilling (unless accidental);
  • nicklaming - pretending to be someone else by using their name.
  • inflamatory chat - be nice. Be kind. Keep politics and world events off the server.
2. No hacks or exploits, such as...
  • server attacks, crash attempts;
  • cheat usage;
  • map exploiting for your advantage (mostly shooting through trees in ONS-Primeval).
  • taunts on movement keys, or using movement taunts when you are in a fight.
3. Watch your language. No insults.

4. Don't change teams if your team is losing.

5. Don't abuse the team balancers.

6. No camping at enemy power core unless your team has captured more nodes.

7. Use a visible player name. Don't use names that are likely to offend people.

8. Speak English only so everybody can understand.

9. Play the game that has been voted in, or leave and come back later. Examples: Don't play TAM on Freon servers. Don't mess about when it's ONS and you wanted vCTF. Do something useful for your team in the spirit of the game type that is playing.

10. DON'T EXCESSIVELY USE CAPS IN YOUR CHAT. It's rude and shouty.

11. Above all, just don't be an ass. (Substitute any rude word of your choice in place of "ass").

Failure to follow this simple set of rules can result in a ban from our server(s).

NB! While the rules are simple, players have the ability kick other unliked players, so be nice! Evading a kickvote-initiated session ban can result in an immediate session ban by an admin.
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