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  • NOPE: 1 PERSON TO A BENDER (6ft rule)
    Today at 19:20
  • GPREZQ: here they say 6 ft apart
    Today at 14:14
  • Piglet: Just keep as much distance as you can away from people outside your household. Don't physically interact with anyone you don't need to. If you go outside at all, wash your hands as you come in. Assume your door handle was incfected with something that would kill you....and wash your hands before you touch anything more.  Simple.
    Today at 12:25
  • Plakatowy: Uhhh
    Today at 11:09
  • Plakatowy: Government*
    Today at 11:09
  • Plakatowy: In Poland gorenment say 1 m ... who is right?  ::)
    Today at 11:08
  • }TCP{Cloud: Here they say 1,5m distance btw.. :-)
    Today at 04:57
  • GPREZQ: group hug back <3
    Today at 01:47
  • Grim_Fandango: Keeping at least 2m distance of each other of course.  :))
    Today at 01:19
  • Grim_Fandango: Group hug  ;D
    Today at 01:15
  • NOPE: ;)
    Today at 01:03
  • GPREZQ: Thank you Nope
    Today at 00:19
  • GPREZQ: MaD-SkunK: I heard a lot about your country as well  , but i would never ever say anything negative due to all of you i respect so just show some respect back thats all <3
    Today at 00:18
  • NOPE: Lets just all keep in touch about what is really happening in our respective countries. It is good to hear first hand accounts from you all. Remember to check on your elderly neighbors, some of them are too shy to ever ask for help.
    Today at 00:17
  • GPREZQ: sorry about the typos
    Today at 00:15

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