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  • Piglet: The glow was requested by Justice as many of the maps are fairly dark. What's the verdict? Is it helpful or not?
    Today at 13:01
  • Piglet: Country codes seems to be a DNS issue with the provider of the information
    Today at 13:01
  • sup: yeah, at first I thought it was the shield gun and I kept doing shock combo xD
    Today at 11:09
  • Killer_XTREME!!!: And also something new that I noticed is player glow in mia server like as in rezq server, does anyone else notice this?
    Today at 07:13
  • Killer_XTREME!!!: Hey Piggy i don't see the country codes? I can see only mine though
    Today at 07:09
  • Flenser: ;D
    Today at 02:23
  • NOPE: Oh, I wanted to say that I have noticed that I am seeing a lot of new names on the server lately. I want to personally welcome you all to the MIA server and to remind you not to shoot NOPE (it is an unwritten rule).
    Today at 01:35
  • NOPE: For people in Europe; Do you all think Brexit would be a positive for your economy? ....... I know this is not my typical type of post but I need your personal opinion.
    Today at 01:23
  • [MiA]Romulus: Thank you very much Piglet <3 :) O:-)
    Yesterday at 13:41
  • JL: Thank you very much and sorry for the many messages. It's all right now. We managed to solve the problem. Thank you very much for your help and your patience
    Yesterday at 09:17
  • JL: Thank you! ^^
    Yesterday at 09:14
  • Piglet: Nothing is stolen, but as this particular account wasn't usding a valid email address I've deleted it.
    Yesterday at 09:13
  • JL: Everyone uses their own name and don't steal another's name.
    Yesterday at 09:04
  • JL: I'm the only player named JL. But I can't use that name because someone stole it... (on the forum)
    Yesterday at 09:02
  • JL: I see you don't understand the problem
    Yesterday at 09:01

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Music you listening right now by [MiA]Romulus
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If you like the VCTF us find good ones by Kain
[October 14, 2019, 16:28]

Miasma World Championship by hagis
[October 03, 2019, 20:03]

REZQ is now under ICTF by GPREZQ
[October 02, 2019, 00:46]

UT2004 and BT stereo problem. by psina
[September 26, 2019, 15:03]

Ahhhh, we meet again! by DeathByDribbling
[September 15, 2019, 18:59]

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