A few small changes for Freon  (Read 8873 times)


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A few small changes for Freon
« on: April 09, 2024, 13:59 »
I just made a few small changes to Freon:

1. Fixed a bug where the scoreboard wasn't showing the starting or actively used PPR for new players where they had no stats record. You can now identify them by having the same starting PPR as a bot, rather than showing no PPR

2. Added a nasty hack on F1 scoreboard to show the average PPR difference (starting and currently used) between the teams.

3. Where team numbers are not the same then PPR totals and PPR totals difference is shown rather than PPR average.

If you have 3 players on the server, with PPR 3, 3, and 6 then it will show the team totals as an even 6 each rather than the old average of "3" (for the team with PPR 3 and 3) and "6" (the lone team player with PPR 6) respectively.

I'm not very happy with the code as it's not very graceful. The red and blue team numbers are calculated and displayed independently so having a section combining aspects of the two isn't going to be a graceful solution...